A visual digest of the artists sharing stories that need to be shared

3rd Annual Rubaboo Arts Festival Aboriginal Artists’ Talk


Artistic director Ryan Cunningham and Edmonton City Councillor Tony Caterina in the lobby of the Catalyst Theatre.

Prairie Dog Film and Television Executive producer Ron E. Scott and Blackstone actress Roseanne Supernault discuss the cultural implications of James Cameron’s Avatar.

Ron E. Scott, Roseanne Supernault, Telly James, and Ryan Cunningham participate in the Artists’ Talk.

Telly James and Ryan Cunningham share a laugh with the festival participants.

Roseanne Supernault listens to Ron. E. Scott discuss the upcoming season of Blackstone.

AMPIA award winning actress Roseanne Supernault shares her passion for her craft with festival participants.

Ron E. Scott, Executive Producer of Blackstone and AAA Artistic Director Ryan Cunningham.

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