A visual digest of the artists sharing stories that need to be shared


Fast Times at the Rubaboo Lobby #1

The artists and audience of the 4th Annual Rubaboo Arts Festival mix it up in the lobby of the Catalyst Theatre on the night of

of a very heart-warming performance of a one-woman show by Gemini award winner Michelle Thrush.

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3rd Rubaboo Arts Festival – Theatre, Work-In-Progress Reading

Christine Sokaymoh Frederick and Ryan Cunningham introduce Telly James.

Telly James introduces No Way Home.

Trevor Duplessis, Sarah Sharkey , Roseanne Supernault, Julian Black Antelope, Telly James, Ryan Cunningham, and dramaturg Ed Roy read No Way Home.

Aris Vincent Pipestem.

3rd Annual Rubaboo Arts Festival – More Gala & Lobby

Powwow dancer Jason Skani delights festival participants.

Leo Paskemin generates soulful, passionate rhythms for Jason Skani.

The stirring voice of Asani’s Sheryl Sewepagaham entrances every space she occupies.

Actors Trevor Duplessis and Julian Black Antelope in a scene from Kevin Loring’s play Where the Blood Mixes.

Actors Roseanne Supernault and Julian Black Antelope perform a reading of Where the Blood Mixes by Kevin Loring.

Festival participants converse in the lobby of the Catalyst Theatre.

Darla Daniels and Corbim Poitras rocked the Catalyst with their amazing guitar and fiddle vibrations!

Dramaturg Ed Roy, Playwright Telly James and actors Roseanne Supernault and Julian Black Antelope engaged in conversation.

Alberta Aboriginal Arts co-founder Christine Sokaymoh Frederick and Erik Pipestem share a tender moment.

Hoop dancer Erik Pipestem hams for the camera.

Ed Roy and Julian Black Antelope are engrossed in conversation while Roseanne Supernault simply radiates.

3rd Annual Rubaboo Arts Festival – Gala Night

Alberta Aboriginal Arts co-founder Ryan Cunningham looks on as Lewis Cardinal opens Gala Night.

The winsome Jo-Ann Daniels engages festival participants with anecdotes and poetry.

3rd Annual Rubaboo Arts Festival, Hip-Hop Event

Taro Hashimoto, Matthew Creeasian, and Alberta Aboriginal Arts co-founder Ryan Cunningham stand with just-finished pieces from the poster contest.